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Canon 17-55 f2.8 IS Alternative


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Sep 25, 2010
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Hi All,

i am upgrading body and lenses i have, so for walkaround i like a range similar to 17-55 maybe longer a bit or wider that will be fine for me.

a fixed 2.8 "yummy" will give that dof and cinematic look also will help in some low light conditions without the need to change the lens to any of my "1.8" primes.

and finally the IS, i have found that IS is a very important feature for both still and VIDEO when you are on the "walkaround mode" which means you are not ready with your tripod.

OK now why don't i just buy the 17-55 from canon and SHUT UP? the last parameter is the BUCK!!

I NEED A CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE without sacrificing:

Quality to a limit

could any of you help?
Its funny you mention this...

There isnt even another 2.8 lens for EOS bodies in that focal range with IS.

Even if you wanted to get an L lens, the 16-35, and the 24-70 L's both dont have IS.

The 17-55 2.8 is a good lens, and very sharp even on the hungry-for-glass 7D.

I would recommend people consider if they will be upgrading to FF in the future though before they buy it.
If you dont mind doing without IS, the Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di II provides a good alternative for less than half the $$$.
If you dont mind doing without IS, the Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di II provides a good alternative for less than half the $$$.
That lens can be had with VC (Vibration Compensation - same as IS) currently for about $549 after a mail in rebate from B&H. I have the non-VC version and I can't say I miss not having VC. Very sharp lens, but does make a bit of noise as it AF's.
I didnt know that they had a VC version...

This is interesting.
As mentioned, the other Canon lenses in this range either don't have IS or don't have a constant max aperture of F2.8.

Sigma has an 18-50mm F2.8, but I don't think they have an OS (their version of IS) yet.
Tamron has a 17-50mm F2.8, both with and without VC. I have the non VC version and it's a great lens, considering it was half the price of the Canon 17-55mm. I've heard conflicting reports about their VC version, so I'd read up on that before committing to it. When it first came out (early this year or last year), it was something like $650-$700...which, IMO, was getting pretty close to the price of the Canon....but if you can get it for $550, that might be a great option.
I love my Tamron 17-50 and even like it over the Canon. I thought about getting the VC version but decided against it. No regrets really a few times it would of been nice, but not a big deal really. Of course, I dont shoot video so no idea there. Tamron is defiantly the best you can go though. I don't like the sigma version they seem to only do primes as I have loved the ones of there I have tried but yet to find one zoom they got right.

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