canon 24-105mm f4 ii l usm lens making peculiar noise


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Jun 23, 2020
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Anyone owns a Canon 24-105mm f4 ii L?

I just bought one, new and it makes a peculiar noise as follows:
About two seconds after the moment when the lens whirs into autofocus, it makes another whirring noise - a bit higher pitched) for no reason -- and so every time.
This seems odd to me. I've owned a few Canon lenses and never encountered this 'echo' phenomenon when auto-focusing before.

Is anyone getting this effect on theirs? Thanks.
Try turning off the IS and see if the sound is still there.

That's my only guess.
I agree. If you look through the lens at telephoto end and half press your AF button, whatever that may be, you should see the af get steady and when you hear that second whirring, you should notice more shake. That's the IS turning off.
Mine is no different that any other lens I have. The AF makes the normal quiet noise associated with the AF motors and then thereafter occasional sounds when it fine tunes focus. Nothing high pitched and nothing out of the ordinary.

Now the AF and IS on the Mark I 300mm F4 L...that is a different story!

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