Canon 24-70mm or 24-105mm

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    So i'm asking the question that has been asked over and over before. Which lens should I purchase? I already have a 50mm f/1.4 for low light. And the AF on my 17-85mm doesn't work anymore, it was a decent walk around lens but image quality was mediocre. There is a 24-70mm for around $1100 on my local craigslist and a 24-105mm for $850. Is the 2.8 aperture better than the IS?

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    I like to tell people that the 24-105L is like an SUV. Its an excellent general walk around lens with a decent range, IS, and packaging. It is very flexible in its use.

    I then like to compare the 24-70L to a fast sports car. Very good at being more specific... a fast aperture... low light zoom.

    My personal choice was 24-105L + primes. Flexibility of 24-105L with the un-compromised IQ and max aperture of prime lenses.
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