Carl Zeiss Planar T 45mm f2 for sell


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Jun 24, 2013
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Bamako, Mali
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Looking to sell a Carl Zeiss Planar T 45mm f2 in very good condition. Only front cap missing. Are present rear cap lens hood.
I am looking to sell it or exchange it for a lens with the same value.
If you are interested just send me an email
email:[email protected]
Skype: jacdem
those in china can contact me using qq:416898482
I'll trade my M-Hologon 15mm. You ship first.
thank you but those two are not comparable in price and i don't need a 50mm lens. I have quite a bunch of.
I was not replying to you sorry. I was talking to the one who lives in Nigeria. Unpopular! I know your camera is worth but I am only interested in good lenses in M42 mount or Sony MA mount. I forgot to mention it in the post.
Is this lens in M42 then? I figured it was a M- or G-mount?
It is G mount. Actually I got this lens from a reseller who sold me a bag full of lenses. I was able to use all the M42 lenses mainly Takumars, Zenith and Helios. This one cannot be used on my camera. That is why I am selling or exchanging it. Hope that those interested understand that I am not selling because i need some money to spend somewhere. No I just want a lens with comparable value if possible Carl Zeiss in MA or M42 mount.
The Jupiter 8 is actually a copy of the pre war Carl Zeiss Planar 50F2, i also live in the UK just having a bit of fun
LOL - I have a post war CZJ T* 1Q Tessar, Gary. If you want to trade a nice modern Contax G lens for it, I'll be more than willing.
It is a weird viewfinder, but I think I could have gotten used to it.

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