Chasing Waterfalls, Southern Style. (Pic Heavy)


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Jul 31, 2020
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Central North Carolina USA
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Some from my recent fall camping trips in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

Tom's Creek Falls, headwaters of the Davidson River, Pisgah National Forest, near Brevard NC.

Closer up view.
Tom's Creek Falls 2.jpg

View from a bit further back, wife sticking her head in the shot. lol.

Tom's Creek Falls.jpg

Upper Tom's Creek Falls, at least that's what I'm calling it. The USFS maps don't list a name but it's on the same creek, just half a mile further upstream.
Upper Tom's Creek Falls.jpg

Black and White close up view of Crabtree Falls, Blue Ridge Parkway near Mt. Mitchell NC.
Abstracted Crabtree Falls NC BnW version.jpg

Crabtree Falls further back view, Sept before the leaves got going.
Crabtree Falls NC.jpg
I really like that last one. Nice.

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