Christmas Stories: A B&W vs Color Conundrum


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Jan 21, 2013
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Bailey, Colorado
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I wanted to get a quick picture of the boys while my nephew was in town. It was a last minuet idea, really. My only constant soft-box (to match the christmas tree lights) was pretty small, but I made due. I wanted to feather the light and miss the tree, but ended up with some glare due to the angle. The little ones were over sitting, by the time I realized it. So I suppose, this year I will have to embrace the glare!
Now, for the age old question,
B&W or color?


I love color in Christmas photos. I feel like red and green are such a big part of the season. And in this picture, I actually didn't realize they had matching pajamas until I saw it in color.

And for what it's worth, I like the glare. :)
I like the color version, #2 better, and FWIW: I didn't notice the flare until you mentioned it.

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Much prefer the color one.
Astounding. A unanimous vote on TPF? I am amazed.

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