Cityscape Helsinki Finland


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Jul 13, 2015
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Helsinki / Finland
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Fuji x100s
Good dynamic b&w. From compo pov I would position camera a bit higher to not to obstruct view of the boats and make clearer division between near and far.
The buildings seem to be leaning to the right slightly...and my eyes keep being pulled to the white building on the left hand side. I also agree with timor about raising the camera up slightly.
Same as timor said. IMO the chairs add too much "noise" to the picture, obstructing one big element from your picture - which is water. If the chairs had people sitting on them this wouldn't be a big problem. The boats sort of disappear into the picture because they are not positioned into any of the eye-guiding lines in the picture. I haven't visited this exact spot at Katajanokka so I don't know what's on the right side of the picture, but I think you should have moved your camera a tiny bit to the right, thus making the picture less flat and more easier to look at.
Let me demonstrate:
Nokalta_web copy.jpg

As you can see the lines that guide your eye (or the most interesting subjects) are not positioned according to the "rule" of thirds. This rule is sometimes meant to be broken but in this case playing by the rules would have added a lot. Also having an end point to the lines adds more depth. And as you can see, blurring the chairs reduces the noise they make, drawing the eye towards the buildings and the boats. This space can be filled with the water or replaced by tilting the camera upwards, revealing more sky and eliminating the space on the bottom.

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