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Oct 26, 2007
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This has probably been answered before, but I wasnt sure how or what key words to search for it with... maybe someone can link me, or even better help me?

It seems that I am losing most of my post processing when I upload to galleries (i use TPF gallery, but it seems to happen on myspace as well). I cant figure out for the life of me whats going on.

I did a screenshot for you to see the difference in color that I'm talking about, it's ruining my photos, or at least how I want them to be seen. Take a look at this. It's a screen capture. Side by side is firefox, with the image displayed in link form from my TPF gallery. Now, look at how I see the image in Adobe Lightroom before I upload it. It also looks the same after I export it to file. It's only after I upload that I get the color loss. After noticing this in virtually all of my pictures that have been uploaded, I am almost left with nothing to do but erase my library, fix this problem and re-up the whole thing...

any help would be greatly appreciated

what's your color space? The internet's gamut is sRGB, LR works in ProPhotoRGB, so you need to make sure you convert before you upload.
thanks, that worked perfectly! That had been driving me mad


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