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    I figured I'd ask this here because it gets the most traffic. I used the Spyder 3 on my MacBook Pro, it corrected the colors, everything looked great. I edited some pics, put them on smugmug, checked them on a non color corrected PC and it still looked reasonable. It's important to me that it still look good on non color corrected computers too.

    So I edited some other shots with a yellow gradient overlay. They looked great on CS5 and I was excited to finally seem to be getting the hang of it. Put them on smugmug, look at them with FireFox, and the yellow hue has become a green one. Opened the file up in CS5 and it's still yellow. I double checked that CS5 is indeed set to the Sypder 3 color space.

    Now I have heard that you can set the FireFox color space to use the Spyder one, but that doesn't help me with people who will be viewing it on non color corrected screens. I haven't had that problem with viewing other peoples pics that have a yellow gradient or split tone to it, they still look yellow. What is going on? For the record when I used the Sypder I set the MBP to a color of D65 and 2.2 gamma.

    So what do other people do? What am I doing wrong?

    Here's an example from smugmug. [​IMG]

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