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Nov 13, 2008
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I know how to make a brush on PS but I can't do it in color. What's the best way to go about doing that so my logo is in photos? I am making a multi colored image and am confused how to go about doing it........ :confused:

***EDIT: I saw that I can do "define pattern" and it does it in color. How do I use it as a stamp in image?
well if its a brush, you then have to pick the color.

when i insert my watermark, i have it set up as a png, and then i use the watermark feature in lightroom to place it on export.
I don't use LR yet so not sure how to go about doing it with ps.
with brush it's just b&w and not color
i guess im not understanding...
in ps when you select a brush shape, you have to select a color for the brush to apply when used. make sure theres no color overlay effect on the layer youre using for your are using a sep layer for the logo right?

explain your process a bit more if you could.
OK so it's a new logo, the thing is in white and red with photoshop when I change it to a brush it's grey & white since brush is only in greys
ehh its all good, I will keep it as a brush and make it transparent and solid :) Not a big issue
Just make a completely separate PNG for your watermark. Make it how you would normally with a transparent background. Then, import it into whatever photo you want to watermark, place it where you want it, and set the Opacity to like 20% or something. Then you keep all your colors and it still has the transparency of a watermark.
^ thats exactly what i was doing before i started using lr.
Yeah lets see what's faster till I get LR3 Thanks guys :thumbup:

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