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Apr 21, 2007
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This is my first photo post on the photo forum and I would like some comments on my first photo. Thanks!

Is this a snake?? I'm not a big fan of this photo, so much out of focus and I wouldn't have cropped out so much of his head, but not bad. Also welcome to the Forum (late). Do not get discouraged if no one comments on some of your photos. I deal with the same thing sometimes. Just keep shooting & posting. Looking forward to some more pics. Take care!
i think its cool. The eye probably could have been a tiny bit sharper but i think its pretty close
this is pretty good
i agree though, the sharpness could have been a little higher

good shot though
It's a good idea, just not sure I like mostly blurriness in the picture. I like some crisp too :)
the depth of field is very shallow.. hence not much is in focus. a bit more DOF would have been better IMHO, but i like it still :). like the blue tones.

seems a tad dark

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