Common Grackle

great color and focus. It really grabs and takes you in
Looks like a guy -- the gals have dull gray plumage. That bright yellow of the grackle's eye against the dark feathers is super.
Nice shot - great colour and bokeh - thanks for sharing.
Great capture, he looks great against the green.
These guys look so evil and live up to their look!
He may have won the stairing contest, but you nailed some image. Nicely composed and perfectly exposed.
Thanx for the kind words, all. I was drinking my morning coffee with my camera on the tripod, reading the morning paper, and a couple of nice shots just fell into my lap. I wasn't even really trying (it's about time... after all the hours I've spent slogging thru the swamps to take pix that never make the cut).
Best shot I've seen in a long time.

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