Compact, Wangle, Size Does Matter: (Wide angle lens, Question)

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    Hi there! I'm an amateur (very) photographer who finds themselves in situations were getting more in the 1 shot would be better than taking and stitching panoramas together.

    Trouble is i don't know what size is best from below.

    1: Which will capture the most in 1 shot?
    2: Is this sort of thing really worth it cost wise/quality wise?
    3: Is it just the same as taking 2 pics and sticking them together?
    4: Is there a better place to buy them from than eBay?

    0.5 Wide Angle Lens Converter with Macro Attachment
    0.38x Wide Converter
    52mm 0.45X Wide Lens

    Thanks !

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    I personally stay away from "generic" adapters. They are designed to fit a certain mount size. They are not designed to work with a specific lens. They are also made very cheap. Some of the brands have a fairly good reputation, but not too many get high remarks. Again due to the "one fits all design".

    Now in your case I would also stay away and use pano techniques due to higher output quality. When you start to go ultra wide, you will get distortions. Straight lines will start to bend, will get a curvature effect in the shots. Buy using multi-shot panotechniques you can use a lens that has better flat field qualitys and end up with a much better shot.

    I do have a couple Nikon adaptors that are made for the Nikon bridge camera I own. And the quality of pictures using them are pretty good. But again there is a large design difference between the Nikon designed for versions and the cheap fit any ones.

    If you do decide to try them. See if you can find some that say they are muticoated. Most of the cheap ones have no coatings and very inexpensive glass.

    Good luck.

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