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Sep 13, 2013
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Headed back into the DSLR world (still with a Leica as my sidekick).

But now that I have no alliance to either Canon, Nikon, Sony or Olympus, I am curious as to what you guys recommend based on the following requirements.

Full frame, weather sealed, upwards of 18mp, and good lens selections in the aftermarket.

I would be using the camera for street/landscape/and kids (main reason the Leica doesn't cut it indoors with my kid is it's inability to work well with higher than 800 ISO). And would probably want either a 24/28/35mm lens. Budget $3000 all in.

So - what are my options? Help a brother out!

ps - I know this is asked a thousand times, but a thousand times, I'd rather hear opinions and then form my own from all of them :)
Nikon, new 28mm f/1.8 G-series lens for street. Body choices would be a used D800 for $1575 to $1750 bought locally. The weather sealing requirement on the body must be matched up with the same weather resistant design on any lens that's gonna' get wet. You had a D800 or D810 a while back, so you know what that's like. PPS has a big supply of used lenses and a few bodies in stock as well. LOADS of used Canon lenses being sold as people clamor for the new 50-MP CAnons.
Not one to hang about, I've gone for the Nikon D610. Cheaper, lightweight, ticks all my boxes, and doesn't have a flippy screen! :)

Decided against the sigma 35mm - and went for the 50mm over the wider angles

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