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Compensating for bounce flash


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Aug 2, 2011
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Hi everyone,

How many stops is the general consensus here. Do I just stick with the gn and flash output based on aperture and flash to subject distance, or do I increase by a couple of stops?

At least 2 stops. The beauty of digital, you can test first. It all depends on how high the ceiling is.
two things to consider:

1) how far the light is traveling, when bouncing the distance from flash to subject includes the bounce.

2) how reflective the bounce surface is, a white ceiling will absorb about 0.5 - 1 stop.
It all depends what you are bouncing off, white paint will only reflect 85% of the light, grey will deflect between 5% and 50%, but you have to remember that light rebounds at an angle which corresponds exactly with the angle of its incidence
Great info everyone. Much appreciated!
Also keep an eye on the angle of the ceiling and watch for "partitioned" sections where your flash will bounce behind a piece of wall that will obstruct the light from the subject.

Personally, I actually find in a higher ceilinged room that a good choice is to bump up the ISO a little. (800 usually works well) It keeps the flash from killing itself keeping up and you get better overall fill in the picture.

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