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    i was just wondering how may of you will enter photography competitions if they are running around your town/city. I know a lot of people don't like entering because they general rule is that any imaeg you submit they have rights to use as a condition of entry. If they have a particualr theme do you go out shooting to get something or just enter what you have already unless you can think of your shot that youd like to take and enter?

    how Many poeple on here wouldnt enter a photo contest because the competition organisers have rights to sue of your photo?

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    You have to use your judgement with competitions. Something run by a photographic magazine will usually have a fairly straightforward rights bit.

    Obviously you will need to grant the competition organiser rights to display the image, but this should be narrowed to a certain time frame, with a credit to you, and only in the format of the competition.

    Permanent rights should never be given up unless the amount of kudos or money outweighs any amount you'll make on the picture in the future. This is a judgement call, but most people who are going to use an image will lease it from an image library, rather than commission a photographer - text books, magazines and periodicals either have in-house photography staff, or they use an image library. It's pretty unlikely someone is going to make an unconditional offer on one of your pictures unless they see some money in it for them.

    That said, competitions are a bit notorious as a free(ish) way to get loads of high-quality images, so look out who you're dealing with and have a good look at the T's and C's. If they e-mail the T&C details to you, then you could post them here for someone to have a look at for you.


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