Converting RAW files for Photoshop CS5


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Mar 25, 2014
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Hey all. So I got myself a 70D the other day and now my current software (Photoshop CS5) is too old. After some research on Adobe's website they are recommending that I download the Adobe DNG Converter 8.3. I downloaded this and used the converter however nothing has changed and I cannot access any of the files still :/ I shoot real-estate photography and have 7 listings to be processed. I'm in dire need of help right now. :hail:

Thank you all in advance.

EDIT: Did a full update on all adobe products and did not work

EDIT: I specifically downloaded the Camera Raw 6.7 update (most recent version compatible with CS5) and nothing has changed.

EDIT: Installed Photoshop CS6 extended and downloaded Camera Raw 8.3 (latest version?). I can NOW open the files BUT all my raw files are opening up as jpegs and I'm not getting the RAW edit panel to display. Any assistance?

EDIT: I guess this thread didn't help much besides me tracking my progress :) Think it's all good now. Thanks for the place to vent!
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