crape myrtle flower Guidence needed!


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Jul 27, 2012
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new orleans
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I am still green. There is just so much to learn. Ok I toke these photo late afternoon super overcast rainy day I tried a few different setting and lens and I did not get what I wanted I wanted to get photo of the water drops I have a 50mm1.8 a18-55mmkit lens and a 75-300mm ef3 1.4-5.6 lens Not knowing which lens would work the best I tried all three and think the 75-300mm is the lens to use and that I need more light? Am I correct in this? I will be trying this again tomorrow even if i have to make my own raindrops
$crape myrtle flower-2.jpg$crape myrtle flower-3.jpg
I've used my kit lens for stuff like this before, it takes decent macro shots, you just have to get fairly close to the subject. Try different angles maybe? Also, a cheaper alternative to a macro lens would be extension tubes. :)
One of the problems with crepe myrtles for this type of shot is that the bloom is huge - 6-8 inches. That close, your depth of field is going to be very small. Another problem is that the nature of crepe myrtles is such that when they are sharp, they still look 'soft.' My suggestion would be to try these shots with a smaller flower.

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