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Oct 3, 2006
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South Carolina
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The first processing I do to my photos is to crop them.

I learned a while back that photos are not scaled to standard print sizes or papers. Another words, if you printed your photo with no cropping you would lose some of your photo on the edges. So, I started cropping my photos to 8x10 for my final save. Then I got tired of trimming my photo paper and started doing final saves as 8 1/2 x 11 inch, which is a standard paper size. The problem is that these standard size crops are not the best crop for the photo, esthetically or artistically. What size does everyone crop their final versions to? How does everyone handle this problem? Do you just crop to what looks best and if so how do you handle the printing?
I crop 4x6(usually)...if I need another size printed...then I can crop that right before I print.

I keep the original RAW as well, so I can always do whatever I like later.

You don't lose any print when you get 8x12 or 12x18 prints
Files come off my camera in 3:2 format. When I print 5x8 or or 8x10 I consider if the crop can be made or if I just resize and cut after. Cutting is a pain, but I don't print all of my photos.

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