Customs House, King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK

Hi, it's a beautiful scene, but on this screen it seems maybe too sharp (over sharpened).
Now I'm super curious to what others would say. It looks better now on my home screen, but some parts still look to crispy (sorry can't describe it another way). That being said, it would look great printed large IMO. My wife just said she'd love to be there :)

edit: it looks perfect on my phone. I think it's me.
Perhaps it's all the bricks giving a feeling of ultra sharpness?
I think it is the bricks, the rest of the picture looks perfect! I love the diagonal line directing the eyes to the white building.
Looks beautiful! I'd guess it's early in the morning as I've never seen it without at least half a dozen cars parked allong the quay.
If possible I'd have liked a tiny bit more space top & bottom.
It was actually about 4pm. I have taken some wider with the 16-35 will upload them later and add...
Beautiful picture! Love the architecture; it's very quaint.

I find that if an image has that odd "over-sharpened" feeling, even though it's not, reducing the clarity can help, though that might not produce the results you want, depending on the image.
I'd probably crop the sides to the same view as in you first image, but IMO the extra space above & below mean it doesn't look quite so cramped as the first to me. Whilst nit-picking I think the reflections in the wider view are not as perfect as in your first one, making it difficult to decide on a favorite. I'd be happy to have taken either!

I think I've only been there between about march & the end of the summer holidays. - I've obviously got to visit more out of season, yet still get a bright day with little wind...

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