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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by trailstrider, May 4, 2007.

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    Hey All D200 users-

    I have a D200 i'm still getting familiar with. I have recently missed some spur of the moment photo opps though, and the camera was in my hands. Part of this has to do with the fact that i'm not 100% used to my camera.

    Well, this situation will come up again i'm sure as spur of the moment happens a lot with wildlife photography when I'm out hiking. I know that the D200 has some settings banks, but I've not found an easy way (yet) to change between them w/o going through the menus. If anyone has any tips for rapidly changing from the settings I'd typically use for the stunning landscape shots i take along the trail (or any of the photos I have time to set up for that matter) and switch the camera into something more suitable for catching spur of the moment action, I would be most appreciative.

    At the moment, I use the Continuous High setting all the time, even for just single shots, so thats a start. I'm wondering if i may be SOL and just need to get faster with changing settings... for instance the focus mode seems to only be settable from a swtich on the back.. ISO changes require some other funky moves that are entirely different... and using Auto ISO can be good, but also make things difficult. Anyway, your help is needed!


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    Hi there!

    First, why bother with switching any modes? Get your manual and set your "D" to AF Area Illumination so you can see where the AF point is and then use the multi selector on the back (above the AF Mode selector -I leave the af mode set to General Dynamic usually and then thumb the multi to set focus area within the frame). If you are in Continuous H then the D will automatically adjust focus should your subject start to move.

    Meter control is just to the right of the viewfinder

    WB, ISO, and Quality controls are top left. You might try setting your ISO to auto with the top @ 400 and set the shutter speed to actuate it (or higher than 400 if you like) if you're moving through the woods . Again for most outdoor apps, try setting your WB to shade. You do need to remember the order of the WB settings so that you can change them with out looking- it's easy, push the WB button and count the clicks on the Main Command Dial. A custom WB only takes about 2 seconds if you can remember to reset it when moving into different light otherwise auto is good most of the time and if that's too much just shoot RAW and fix it later.

    Just a little practice and you'll not be missing much ever again. ;)


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