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Aug 11, 2007
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I have the d80 and the sb600 series flash. I've heard the d80 can control a flash not attached to my camera. I read the manual and I'm still a bit confused. Am I able to hold the sb600 off the camera and still fire the flash or do I need another piece of equipment. Or the sb800? If I can do this can someone give me a quick and dirt break down of how?
pop up the d 80 flash, go into your menus, set the flash mode to commander, set the SB-600 to slave (they tell you in the manual) and you're golden.

It's really easy and it works awesome.
The flash needs to be set into "remote" mode, no SU-4, but actually "remote" and the manual should detail how.

The camera needs to be set into commander mode. This is somewhere in your custom settings menu like inbuilt flash firing mode or something. The choice should be TTL Manual or Commander.

Once in commander mode the external flash needs to have a channel and group selected, and the camera needs to be on the same channel, then you can specify settings for each group, and the inbuilt flash.

When you push the button the camera will fire it's flash to send the required data to the remote units, then all flashes will do TTL metring, and THEN the exposure happens and the flashes fire.

The sensor on the SB-600 must be able to see the light from the camera flash.

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Power your camera on.

Select the menu button (second from top on left side) on the back of your camera.

Select custum settings menu (pencil icon)

move selector up the menu to #22 built in flash and move selector to the right

select c - commander mode and move selector to the right

have built-in flash mode (first column) at --- (move selector up/down to find)

channel = 3

Press OK

make sure the pop up flash on camera is up


Power flash on

press and hold both zoom and - buttons for a couple of seconds. menu should appear.

cycle thru until icon of a squiggly line with an arrow appears.

if OFF is displayed push mode button once and ON will appear

press and hold both zoom and - buttons for a couple of seconds

the 600 IR receiver needs to be able to see the preflash from onboard flash
(not necessarily line-of-sight)

now you can make adjustments as desired for your application

That's it.
Bob's your uncle.

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