Damp bicycle


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Feb 16, 2006
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The recent heavy rains caused the water in Lincoln's Brayford Pool to rise above the walkways that lead out to the moored pleasure craft, semi-submerging this boat-owner's locked bicycle. A high-contrast b&w of the unfortunate machine.


For more info go to: http://photoreflect.blogspot.com/200...ford-pool.html

Thanks Domromer. I thought this approach seemed to suit the subject.

PS I meant to post this shot in B&W but messed up. If anyone wants to move it feel free. Sorry :blushing:!

Regards, Tony
Nice shot! Almost looks like a computer graphic... I really like the stark white background and the mirror water!
Great shot!
...I meant to post this shot in B&W but messed up....

You did?
Can't see it! ;)

Not with this photo as such, either! :thumbup:
Awesome, I love it.

Its simple and uncluttered, lovely starkness to it.
excellent find and capture
Thanks for the comments folks (and for correcting my posting error Corinna!) This ws one of those shots that suggested its own treatment. There wasn't a lot going on in the background, and upping the contrast, followed by a little "dodging" set the bike and posts up nicely.

Regards, Tony
i think this is an awesome shot and the PP work does suit it very well. this is one of the better shots i have seen on here.

awesome job :thumbup:
wow im still trying to figure out how u did it
This is really something! I love the unexpected nature of the subject, the simplicity of the black and white, and the reflection in the water!
Thanks for the further comments on this shot guys. Probably one of my better recent B&Ws. I suppose it works on the old principle, that I remember from learning photography in the days of film, of eliminating everything that isn't needed to make the shot.

Regards, Tony

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