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May 24, 2012
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One of the cool things about Fuji is they are constantly asking photographers how to make their cameras better. And then listening.


And while we are for obvious reasons not allowed to go into specifics of the decision process, I can tell you that it was ... a spirited discussion. Photographers are passionate about the priorities in a pro-level camera. And engineers, God bless them, rather insist on obeying the laws and limitations of physics and cost structures.

It was a full day of intense discussion. Photographers vs. engineers, photographers vs. other photographers, etc.

You want [this]? Then that will necessitate [this]. And it will eliminate the possibility for [this]. In a nutshell, it's about a hundred "which child do you save from the burning building" questions.

Suffice to say, every time you drop a snarky comment in below a new camera review ("Why didn't they just do [this]?) you can be sure they thought of it, and it was weighed against other priorities and came up wanting.

As someone representing the photographer side of the equation, I can honestly say that I respect the hell out of the length and difficulty of that decision making process. And given the access, you probably would, too.

That said, here are my takeaways from the results of the design process for the X-Pro 2. Listed below are several hits, a pick 'em and a miss—from my perspective. The gratifying flipside to a (personal) miss is that I now know how hard they considered it, and why they went the other way. So I respect the process and the result.
I havent had the chance to handle a X-Pro2 yet, but I was really tempted to get it, together with a 16mm f1.4, 35mm f2, 90mm f2 trinity. Its just so pretty ! Especially with a 35mm f2 mounted.

Well, thinking about it, I'd probably skip the 90mm and wait for the upcoming 1:1 macro with OIS instead.

Don't give me more pixels. Give me better pixels.
Thats what I keep saying. Thats exactly why I rather want a 12 megapixel full frame sensor. I dont mind having more than 12 megapixels, I just dont see the point of having more megapixels on a small-ish 36x24mm sensor. I'd much rather have enormous ISO reserves and great colors than absurd amounts of megapixels I dont actually need.

Acros. It's a new B&W film sim. Fuji continues to put more and more of their film DNA (80+ years of film manufacturing) into their cameras. No one else can do this. And this continuity between film and digital is the reason many Fuji photographers just say "eff it" and shoot JPEGs. They're gorgeous.
Unfortunately the other reason why Fuji photographers say "eff it" is the PITA of the X-Trans sensor demosaicing process.
Unfortunately the other reason why Fuji photographers say "eff it" is the PITA of the X-Trans sensor demosaicing process.
I think it's an old story. Now even lightroom demosaicizes (I hope the spelling is correct) perfectly the RAF files. Beside this...Fuji JPG are great.
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