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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by paul_sk, Dec 5, 2008.

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    My name is Paul, I'm a photographer from London. I'm new to this forum, only found it while searching for some info about Dedo lights. I've got some questions and would really appreciate if someone gives me some advise.

    I've got a portrait shoot coming up next week and need to create, by using a focusing spot and gobos, some shapes (lines) on my model. I want to use 3 light. A flash head to light the background, another flash head used as a feel on my model and... that's my question.

    I'm not to sure what to use, as the main light, to get crisp, with no color fringing or halation shapes. I've tried many zoom spots (elinchrom, profoto) but all of them dont actually give me what I'm after. There is always color fringing or halation. Someone suggested to me using Dedo DP400 projector. From the information I managed to gather it looks like a good solution but I'm not sure how it's going to work with flash...

    I've never used Dedo, always working with flash, but I guess there will be a different color temperature between them. there is also a question how strong (F stops) dedo is? Would I be able to get F8/F11 at ISO100/200 from a distance around 2-3 meters while using the projector? I'd be renting Dedo msr 400W if i decide to go this way. What can I also do about the different color temperature?

    I'll appreciate any help



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    Hi Paul and welcome to the forum.

    I've never used a Dedo or really any projector for what you describe but I was wondering whether or not you have tried a strip light? That would give you even distribution up and down your model with no fall-off.

    Another idea would be to bounce your strobe off of a full length mirror and through the gobo to your model. I think I would try the strip light first- they are easy enough to knock together- strip light&spell=1

    The ones that use a flash are best I think. ;)

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