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Abby Rose

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Feb 17, 2010
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I know I've been asking for a lot of CC lately, I'm sorry, but I know you guys will tell the truth.

These are from a demolition derby at the county fair, about a month ago. The only time I've panned even slightly successfully. :)

This one is probably the best, but is it ok being in the center of the frame? And I thought about cropping that white wall out at the top, but I wasn't sure so I just left it.

This one - the tire - but I did like the car so I kept it. It's not centered, either, but I'm not sure if I like that aspect better or not...

These last three were taken in the dark, but the ring was lighted. Its harder in the dark. :) They look alright to me, but I could just be remembering how it actually was and I can't really see how these pictures look. That's where you guys come in, of course.

All of your pictures look good to me. Your night shots are dark and underexposed but that was the scene and you captured it.

You could have bumped your ISO up for the night shots, that would have helped.

On a side note: try a little camera tilt and leaving 2/3 more room in front of the vehicle than behind it, try not to center the vehicle. Like I said though your pictures are good.
The first is the best, I think. I'd crop a bit off the top, a bunch off the bottom, and some off the left. I think that would leave you with a nicely composed image. Nice work panning. :)
good suggestions, guys. Thanks!
Your profile says it's ok to edit, so here's a fairly quick crop I did, if that's ok. If not, let me know and I'll take it down.


This was just done using the crop I suggested above. It's a bit more dynamic, and should be more pleasing to the eye.
My photos are indeed ok to edit. And I see what you mean, I think it does look much better with that crop. Thanks!
Excellent panning work Abby. The shot of the 439 car that Gaerek has edit is really good.
You chose a good shutter speed and did good tracking on all of your shots!

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