devious games to play with a very small child

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    My niece Lydia (the tattooed lady) just turned nine months today, and it made me think of all our devious little games such as...

    1. flying baby
    Take one empty infant (a full one will hurl) and hold between the ribs and stomach. Lift her above your head with gusto and give her some air. After flying up for a foot or so, be sure to catch her.

    2. Who's smelly?
    This is a game to play with your child and a dog. lydia has a particulary flatuant black labrador retreiver that often wins the game. Wait until either the child farts or the dog becomes oderous. Look at the child and say (in a happy voice) who's smelly?

    3. Baby and the Bear
    When the child is having tummy time or floor time, put a blanket over yourself and crawl around the floor on all fours. Make some manly growling sounds and lie down next to the child. If you have a child like Lydia, they'll likely squeel with glee and pull the blanket off to suck on.

    4. Raspberries
    We all know how to blow a razz, right? Apply this technique to your child's tummy or cheeks (the ones on her face that is) and watch them take delight in the sound of a well rounded simulated fart.


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