Did I do all right??


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Jun 17, 2015
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Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India.
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Dear Friends,

Yesterday I had posted a pic of the lovely fields made en-route a long drive to the picturesque Bhatiyat valley in North India. Lots of meaningful advice poured in, enriching me in the process.

On the way back with the sun setting, we came across this old, old temple with a water fall in the backdrop, straight out of the movies and guess what? There actually was crew who were packing up after shooting a Pahari song video.(A song sung by the mountain people especially the shepherds grazing their flock) I requested one of the actors to stand anchor as I hurriedly made this shot, the fading light gave me a window that lasted just about 5 minutes.

Did I do all right?


Here's one with WB edit less warm/vibrant but more closer to truer colors.
Shoot at a temple enroute Chowari- by jasiiboss, on Flickr

Shoot at a temple enroute Chowari- by jasiiboss, on Flickr
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To me the colour looks quite off in the second shot...
I like the first better, but I think it's a bit cramped around the edges. Just a little more space, especially at the bottom and at the right.

Aside from that, beautiful place! :smile:
Good location and nice composition. Definitely go for the first one! The second one has got me sweating with the high temp value!
I agree the first image is the better shot. I also think it could be better with a bit more around the edges, especially the right side and bottom. :)
Gratitude to all friends for taking time and having come visiting. The pointers are gratefully acknowledged.
Cheers & Rgds.

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