Dining Atmosphere


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Dec 13, 2007
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What do you think?

I like it, has a sence of elegance.
I like it. The contrasts are very good, very nice B&W conversion.
Maybe add a plate instead of a menu at the bottom?
I really like it.
I think I might have croped the top and left away.

i love it i like the texture and lighting. agree with the plate..
I love the textures..

I find a lot of the highlights are a bit blown. A plate instead of the menu is a good suggestion but for me the menu is just fine. All you need to do is remove the clutter from the left side of the table. I would also position the glasses across the table in such that it is a mirror of the glasses in front of you.

Nice work!
I like the menu. The glass background spit in half has character. The blind upper left is out of focus but it adds something. Visually appealing. It's busy but not too busy. I dig it. I can feel the table.
nice capture. Good angle, I like the light too. Makes me want to go there...
I really like it. If I had to judge it for any reason, I'd say it's over-contrasty. It might just be my crappy LCD screen but it looks like your losing tonal range in the sky outside the window, and theres a loss of detail in the shadows. They are really inky.

If that's the effect you wanted, then awesome. I do really like it though, it's very visually appealling.
i like it, feels a tad over saturated though

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