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Feb 23, 2012
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So I used my 3 day Disney vacation as the perfect time to practice with the new camera! I think these are some of my best shots! CC welcome! Thank you for your time!<BR><BR>1.<BR><BR>Disney 2012 343 by nbaxter5432, on Flickr<BR><BR>2.<BR><BR>Disney 2012 374 by nbaxter5432, on Flickr<BR><BR>3.<BR><BR>Disney 2012 314 by nbaxter5432, on Flickr<BR><BR>4.<BR><BR>Disney 2012 336 by nbaxter5432, on Flickr<BR><BR>5.<BR><BR>Disney 2012 121 by nbaxter5432, on Flickr<BR><BR>6.<BR><BR>Disney 2012 163 by nbaxter5432, on Flickr<BR><BR>7.<BR><BR>Disney 2012 148 by nbaxter5432, on Flickr<BR><BR>Thanks again :)<BR>
nice pics. They look a little underexposed and would benefit from some fill flash.
The fireworks would have looked great if they weren't cut off. Thanks for sharing!
I love Disney!!!!
Nice pics and we all love Disney, we are all kids at heart. I did not see you take my pic that day, I was in pic #2 just hanging around taking life easy. ;)
i like the last one, but it'd move me more if you'd gotten more of the burst and keep castle looking straight...nice work...keep shooting!
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The first castle shot is a tough one without a tripod because you are trying to expose both for the background (the castle) and the foreground (the couple), and that requires a different setup for each image. If you shoot with a normal flash, you lose the castle (boo!) and if you expose for the castle then the couple are underexposed (so you NEED a flash). Try using rear curtain sync and if you don't have a tripod, set your camera on something steady like a chair, a wall, somebody's shoulder, anything that will help steady the camera and eliminate movement and thus a blurry castle. Rear curtain sync means that the flash goes off immediately PRIOR to the curtain closing, instead of front curtain sync which means that the flash fires the moment the curtain opens. With rear curtain sync, the sensor will expose for the castle first, then the flash will fire and expose for the couple and you get both with proper exposure!

You also might try to turn up your ISO just a bit to help with the low light.

What camera are you using?

It might look something like this:


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