DIY Building blocks for a macro reversed lens set-up


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Jul 22, 2011
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Hi Photographers,

Just received the last piece for my reversed lens set-up for macro!

If anyone would like to try this as well, it is a lot of fun, and is quite inexpensive.

I have made a list of the items needed, all purchased off E-bay, and have attached it below.

I blew a couple of bucks on the filter since I'm very dedicated to B+W, so I've chosen one of their cheapest models, but a no name brand 52mm filter can be bought for around £2 instead.

It's a quite straight forward job, assembling the lens set-up, but I wanted to protect the rear of my lens, so I bought an extra rear lens cap which I then modified to become a new filter and aperture -holder.

The rear was cut of and filed down until it was flush with the first narrower diameter area inside the cap.
Then I filed down the stop point on the side of the cap, so it can screw completely clockwise in the lens, activating the small tabs that allows the aperture adjustment to be turned.
Afterwords, I screwed it on the lens, so I could measure where I had to drill the hole to keep the aperture lever back (Lots of people holds this lever with their finger while photographing, but since I made a filter holder for mine, I didn't mind, not having that to think about that.) I then found a small screw i shortened up, and screwed it in.
The narrower area of the cap was now enlarged with a Stanley blade, to eventually fit the 46mm step-up ring, which I glued on with super-glue.
Now I have a filter holder which I can use on the rear of any FD lens!

I am still working on how I am going to trick my Canon 1Ds into using the lens, but it works brilliantly on a 500D.
I have bought a "chipped" macro extension tube set, and will try this on my 1Ds, to see if it works.
I would like to add, that it is possible to photograph with the 1Ds, as long as you don't screw it onto the camera completely.

$Macro_1.jpg Photographed with the lens on a Canon EOS 500D
$Macro_2.jpg Complete Lens set-up
$Macro_4.jpg Building blocks
$Macro_3.jpg Modified rear lens cap with screw to hold aperture lever
$Macro_6.jpg Modified rear lens cap with step-up ring glued to the rear end of the cap
$Macro_7.jpg Modified rear lens cap with plastic stop filed off

All the prices includes postage to Denmark, where I live.

Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.8 FD £37,87
Macro Extension tube: Canon EOS fit with 7, 14 & 28mm extension tubes £6,20
Macro reverse adapter ring: 52mm EOS £1,89
Front lens cap: Canon £0,99
Step-up ring: 46-52mm £1,18
Rear lens cap: Canon FD - modified £3,03
Rear lens cap: Canon EF
Filter: B+W F-Pro 52mm Skylight KR-1,5 £13,48

Grand total £64,64

I hope this was a useful guide.

Kind regards Marcel.


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Aug 18, 2011
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Nice guide! That ought to be very helpful for those what want to try macro this way! :thumbup:


Mr. Rain Cloud
Jul 23, 2009
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An excellent post. Great idea on the screw to manipulate the old Canon FD-mount lens's mechanical diaphragm control lever.

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