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Oct 30, 2007
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the people in the last picture, they dont look like they know each other. i like the last one the best though.
They've probably been married for years! ;o)
the last one makes me wonder exactly what beth said... do they know each other? they're close yet could be closer. nice pictures
From my observation that day... They do know eachother, and my guess is they have been married for years.

Another opinion of the picture could be...

Woman (looking away angrily): I am so mad at you right now!
Man (looking into the ocean): God, here we go again...
The last makes me think: "Hey, just like D.H. and myself, but very much so!" (We'll be married 20 years next June). Oh yeah...
Believe me, they need not necessarily be either mad at each other or totally run out of things to say to each other. This is a normal moment of "togetherness". It expresses in other things but words or hugs&kissing. They are STILL sharing quite something!
I like the first two, the sign in #1 is just demanding exploration. It makes me feel like I need to get under there and conferm there is nothing of value there.

The carts in #2 just seem isolated and board, the closest one almost seems to be looking out toward the beach as though it wants to go out and play but can't.

#3 seems really out of place when viewed with the other two to me.
I think the heron adds a lot to the second one. Nice shot.

I'm glad you folks love the shots. I have so much more to learn though... Only been shooting seriously for 1 month.

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