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Do You Take Photogear on ALL Trips?

Do you bring camera equipment on ALL trips?

  • Of course.

    Votes: 19 73.1%
  • Only when I think I'll have time to devote to photography.

    Votes: 6 23.1%
  • Only for specific photo-related trips (including business trips with extra day for photos).

    Votes: 1 3.8%

  • Total voters


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Aug 1, 2006
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Boulder, CO, USA
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I'm headed to Houston tomorrow for a conference that I go to every year. For the past maybe 2-3 years, I've been bringing my camera equipment on practically every trip I've gone on. Really more as a, "Just in case I see this awesome thing!"

But, I rarely actually get photos on these "quick" (non-photography-centered) trips that I end up liking. Usually it's because I either don't have a tripod so can't get that long sunset shot, or I can't spend the time to get around that telephone pole, or something like that. BUT ... there's always the possibility of that awesome shot ...

So I'm curious, what're your thoughts on this type of situation? Do you always have at least a camera P&S or body and lens or two with you on all trips? Or do you only bring them when you know you'll have time to really devote to the craft?

And while I've made this into a poll, I would appreciate if you'd leave your verbal comments on this thread, too, rather than just voting (though voting's better than nothing!).
I almost always take a camera with me, unless I am going to be in a situation where I am worried about having to leave my camera in an insecure location -- but that's rare, so I almost always do.
I pack a camera any time I go more than 50 miles or so from my house, whatever the reason for the trip.
I went to Chicago without a camera for the first time yesterday.

Other than that one instance, no, I never leave it at home for trips.
For myself I find that I fit very much into the last category - with a bit into the second as well. For short trips to the shops or just up to uni and such my DSLR and all its gear is a lot to carry and it just gets in the way - plus its never out so even if I saw a grabshot I would never be able to get it out and on in time - so I just don't stress myself trying.
I also lack a shorter walkaround lens that I like to use (I don't like my kit lens and the shortest lens I have after that is 70mm) and that I think also affects me greatly - even on family holidays its the shorter focal range that I find myself lacking in and also its that range that is more suited to those sorts of family grabshots of events.
I have long considered getting either a high-end bridge camera or a superzoom lens (18-200mm sort) for just something to have on those less photography dominated trips where I can have the camera out, on and ready for grabshots without having to lug several kgs of gear around - I am moving more to the bridge camera as many of those have up to 500mm equivalent lenses which is great for grabshots of wildlife and birds.
:mrgreen:There was no spot to vote for multiple cameras:mrgreen:
Even if it's just a P&S I always have a camera with me on a trip. I quite often take my dSLR even if I'm just going for a walk, "just in case" :) Technically I absolutely always have a camera with me b/c I have one in my mobile phone ;-) But I don't know if that counts :mrgreen:
Aside from really short trips (I went to philly for an evening concert a couple weeks ago), I always take it!

Oh, and while you're in Houston, make sure to go to the museum district. Beautiful place!
I have a feeling I need one of those point and shoot things.....................


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