Does D40 have wireless for SB-600?


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May 2, 2007
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I have a Nikon D40. I'm planning to buy a SB-600 flash. I herd that you can use the SB-600 flash remotely through the camera. Can the D40 do this? Thanks.
Sorry, but the D40 does not have a wireless flash commander mode, you will need to get a SU-800 or a SB-800 to be able to do it.
no it doesnt, i have the d40 and was considering getting the SB-600 flash as well. No luck.
Oh I see. Thank you.
I know on the Sb-800 you can set it to SU-4 mode and fire it with the manual flash mode on your camera.... any camera just so long there is no preflash. not to sure about the 600 though.
what if i use a d80 and the sb-600. is there wireless for that?

also, using a d80 with a sb-600, would the camera support iTTL?
Yup, the D80's built-in pop-up flash has commander mode, so you can use the SB-600 remotely with it with full i-TTL support. For the D40 if you just want off-camera flash and an arm's length is ok, you can get an SC-28/29 cable. One end goes on the hot shoe and the flash goes on the other end. I have one of these too and it works pretty well with the D40.

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