Does filter size matter?


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Apr 28, 2009
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Is a lens with a larger filter size generally a better lens? I know that there are many, many other variables, but will a lens with a larger filter size let in more light or be faster?
Not necessarily...but I guess you could say that generally, that might be true. But that is sort of looking at it backwards.

Look at the max aperture of the lens (F2.8 for example). A lens with a max aperture of F2.8 might need to have a large front element...but it depends on the design of the lens.

If you have two lenses, both with a max aperture of F2.8, and one has a 67mm filter and one has a 77mm filter...they both still have a max aperture of F2.8, so they should have the same light gathering ability. There may be slight variances in the image quality...but that is also a result of many other factors like the type and quality of elements within the lens etc.
Thanks, Mike. That answer makes a lot of sense.

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