Don't they know it's January!


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Aug 16, 2006
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Ely England
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How does it look to you dear?


Must be worth a look if they like it!

Great tit followed the blue tits within a few seconds of their inspection of the nesting box. A couple of mild days and they all think it is spring!
Well, it is definitely too warm for the season, same here. I only HEARD the birds in our garden sing like spring was about the other day, but I never manage to get the kind photos of them that you do!

Is it not raining and raining and raining over in the UK? On "my" other forum I hear people making plans for an ARK already from all the rain you are getting!!! ;)
There was light drizzle at the time this was taken and it is raining now - looking out to see water lying in the furrows of the fields behind us.
Love the green colour on these (as did Lafoto, I'm sure!). And your caption made me laugh.
Indeed, they don't seem to understand the seasons :D

The sign of spring around where I am is the sighting of a robin. Saw a robin jumping around the yard the day after Christmas. Whoohoo! Spring is here! hehehe (I wish....)

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