Double your pleasure... 2 flashes inside 1 softbox!


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Oct 14, 2007
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Montreal, QC, Canada
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A super easy DIY project that took me all of maybe 30 minutes to do. Basically it is a cheap bracket that holds 2 flashes in cold shoe adapter (hot shoe adapters are optional and easily doable, but I had 2 cold shoes just sitting there doing nothing... so why not!).


Cheap, easy and functional... what more needs to be said? The complete story is on my blog with more pics, explanations and shots of the results of adding a 2nd flash to a softbox.
Cool idea. Thanks for sharing. I got to get me one of those ;)
It's a great idea, but you might want to give John some credit.

Fair call. :)

For sure I am not the first one here to do this and did not do it for the credit, I wished just to share my iteration of a similar concept. This topic came up here a few months ago and it was by JStuedle (John) in this thread several months ago.

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