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Enlighten Me.


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Sep 3, 2010
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my garden.
I don't understand the composition of this photo. I love the sunset, but my eye is drawn away from it to the key that is hanging from the wire. (so random....hmmm...?) Too much sky showing and very little landscape, which is where the beauty of the sunset is. I love the bottom right part of the photo from the sunset to the feathery clouds in the sky. All the other space is bothering me. It just takes away from what my eye really wants to focus on.
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That's the point :) and thanks, but the landscape is all awful pylons and a nasty cvaravan site so it was probably best to do.
You even applied flash to the peg and key to make it show... so you "enlightened" those to elements from the other side... in times of - what is it? Sunrise? Sunset?

Your photo means to express something, but I'm not sure it's really reaching the viewers. Assuming peg and key are the primary subjects, which they seem to be as they got extra light, then why are they so small? Why is the background so in focus (and thus clearly competing with your subject?).
My guess is it is somehow related to Benjamin Franklin's infamous test with the kite and a key being struck by lightning... Plus the title, "enlighten me", Benjamin Franklin being instrumental in the development of the light bulb? Seems to fit.

However, that doesn't change the fact I still don't get the photo... :scratch:
wow erm, it has no meaning haha, I'm 15 and I've had my camera for a week or three and I have no idea how to edit my photos and I'm just getting to grips with it, I guess I intended this photo to invoke some thought and make people think its nothing really special but I didn't want it to be another landscape photo. I was just in my garden and I saw it so I grabbed my camera, I used flash to interrupt the sky, I don't know why but to me its just something different, but thanks for the criticism its helpful :)
I agree. If the key would have been larger and more in the frame of the photo and the landscape would have been less visible; less in focus, this may have suggested more of a message. Keep trying. If you have a deeper meaning for your photography, I am sure you will eventually discover how to get the point across.

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