Eye of the Tiger, beak of the duck!


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Nov 12, 2006
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now that first shot is a real eye catcher! Really stands out and grabs the attention of the viewer - and the cat looks rather happy with things as well :)
The second shot is showing more of what we get a hint at in the top left corner of the first - but whilst in the first its not distracting and rather compliments the overall look of the shot - the background of the second is making me really stop and think - this just does not look right. Its that along with the colourings on that last shot as well.

At a guess this looks like film (scanned) and a mirror lens being used - I might be wrong, but that is my guss. Its worked wonders in the first - but the second I just can't come to like
Pic #1 is great.
Thanks for the comments!

To clarify - these are digital photos, not scans. The Tiger one was taken through 2 chained-link fences, and the duck one was through a glass enclosure, which surely hindered the photos.

I enjoy the in-your-face of the tiger as well, but also appreciated the low angle, which normally would require the photographer to be on the ground or in the water! lol
the colors and clarity of the tiger are stunning. i kind of like that you cannot see his entire face - it makes me wonder whats off the screen and what he's eyeing up for his next meal. the eyes alone look like pictures you would see from the Hubble telescope - like a distant galaxy almost.
i dunno, i'm rambling. makes me wanna go to the zoo soon
Aw now I am blushing! :)

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