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I can see them. To view photos on Facebook, even public ones, you have to have an account. Maybe that's their problem?
yeah youd have to be logged in with a FB account to see anyones pictures i believe. however public pages might have different rules.

im stunned theres a cactus society...i love my cactus...
I started collecting cacti in 2000, I was renting and wanted lots of different plants that are small and can grow in pots without reporting for many years, also they could go for weeks without watering even in summer, the cactus society used to advertise in the local paper and me and my neighbor used to laugh at the losers who collected cacti, but one thing led to another and now I have been a member of the cactus society for over 8 years and loving it. And now I have over 1000 or more different cacti and succulents. My favorites are Haworthia
When you are viewing your album, you will see a "public link" at the bottom of the page. Sending this link to friends or posting it on a website will allow everyone who clicks on it to view that album. Remember, this link will always work, even if you add photos or change your album privacy settings.

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