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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by ACMark, Jun 13, 2010.

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    First of all I'd like to apologize if this is not the place for this.

    Hi! I'm basically looking for a very fast camera. Nothin too expensive, but I'm not gonna be too tight if something's good. I'm looking for something for day-to-day use, between entry level and mid-range; basically something that I can just turn on and take a picture before the moment is gone.

    A friend of mine has a really good Ricoh GX-200 (the thing is damn fast!) but it's quite old so I'm looking for something similar (dont mind brands at all) but a bit more up-to-date.

    Trying to get something for around USD 350 tops. (wouldnt exclude something very good if its around 400).



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