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Feb 25, 2012
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I am a computer science student and recreational photographer mostly shooting landscape and shots of my wife and baby girl. One of my class projects is to design and develop some software/app to aide photographers while shooting models. I am looking to pick your brains a little to get a better sense of what is needed/wanted in such software.

I searched around the internet and various forums and haven't found really anything of the sort. The idea is that the software can help keep track of which poses have been used and how many, calendar, contacts, tips and other things that you think of that is desired.

The class is focused more on design and usability so this software might not actually get made, but if there is enough desire we might actually develop it.

Keep in mind, I nor any of my group members are anywhere near professional photographers. We've never done a model shoot. I watched an amateur shoot once for my friend's band and got a little insight to what goes on.

As a start, we (my group) imagined that the software would show a grid of pose categories (sitting, standing, props... etc) and within each group it would show the different poses. There could be a screen that shows all poses used with number of shots for each pose. I realize that software might get in the way of actually shooting so we want to make it very streamlined and not intrusive to use during your shoot.

Questions for you:
Is it desirable?

What platform? Tablet, laptop, phone, etc?

What kind of information should be tracked? Which ones are most important? Number of shots (per pose?), equipment, shot information (fstop, speed, etc), model information, notes, and anything else you can think of.

Thanks for reading this long post but hopefully we can all get some benefit out of such a project.

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