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Aug 14, 2010
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Kansas City
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I love looking at everyons pics they post for c&c. So i figured maybe you guys do too!

1. Went down to the Missouri River to take a walk with my girlfriend. It was out 1 year anny, she wasnt too happy when i took the camera...Theres an edit of it i did for my girlfriend at EDIT

2. KC royals Friday Night Fireworks

3. Took out some of the color, just because. It gives it more of a vintage look i think.

4. Too close for comfort...
The first image looks like the focus could have been a little sharper on the "in focus" flower. I like the fireworks shot. The image of the building IMO is a little boring.
TBH idk why i liked the building shot either. The flowers were tough to get into focus because it was windy. Thanks for the input guys
I like the fireworks shots, but the rest don't do much for me!
1- I feel like you have way too much space around the subject. I think a tighter shot would be better. A good crop could make this a lot better.
2- Indeed, fireworks ought to be shot with a fairly long exposure, but I think you had the shutter open for a bit too long, causing the center to become a huge ball of white; this can probably be fixed in PP. I also think there's a lot going on around that's a tad distracting. If you don't mind, here's what I would've done with it:

3- I find this one rather boring. Maybe if you took it from an angle or something? Like the bottom right, shooting towards the upper left.

4- The only thing I don't like about this one is the huge white line on the right side; it's very distracting. Without that, I think it'd be a decent shot.

Hope this was helpful =]

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