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Feb 26, 2005
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Oxford, UK
Some of you might remember that I bought a 1938 Rolleicord last summer, well I finally got round to finishing off the roll of film and getting it developed. From the time I took it in to getting it back was three weeks because of one thing or another, and I had to fight with my scanner tonight for over an hour to get one of the negs scanned.

Anyway, I managed to get it to work, and here is a shot that I took on the TPF meetup in August last year - not bad for a 68 year old camera eh!

There are some weird things on some of the other prints, some light leaks and some reflections from somewhere which is weird, but as the developers bunged all the prints from two films together, until I go through all the negs, I'm not sure whether it's the Rollei or the Isolette - I'll have a play this weekend and see whats what.

Oh, nearly forgot the picture!! Recognise anyone?

Sure recognise these guys and gal :D! Cool one! I really like it.
(If I were my sister, I'd even remember the third one's name, that in the distance, one of Ben's aka Scurra's "navigator friends" - who also proved that ANYTHING or anyONE assumed to help in our navigation was a bit of a - or even utter? - failure :greenpbl: :biggrin: )
Cheers all!

What's happened to Mataji and Scurra for that matter - don't seem to see them on here lately? Royster disappeared after the meetup as well. Was it something we said?

Or have they got lost on the net - took a wrong turn at google or something :D
Took the wrong turn is very like it.
In Ben/Scurra's case I know that the name "Louise" has got A LOT with his "disappearance" here, though he did reappear a couple of days back to say that Louise has travelled home (to Australia) for two months which WOULD (so he said) give him more time for TPF. So far so good...

Royster has worried me ever since he never came back after the meet-up, for he seemed so happy and easy with us while we were all together in Saffron Walden. He had even planned to come back on the Sunday, overslept and didn't make it, sent his photos and ... was never seen again :cry:

And vixenta/mataji?
You got any ideas?
Better late than never!! IT'S ME!!!!!!!!!!! Looking quite reasonable (for me!) as well - a miracle!

Yeah, what did happen to the others??

yeah.. I wonder what happened as well... !!! I'd like to meet you guys someday once again! :D
what have you guys done with Royster?! me thinks there's something funny going on here :scratch:

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