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Finding Her Path! a picture of my sister


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Mar 12, 2012
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San Antonio, TX
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Abby BW by RedVixen81, on Flickr

Camera - Nikon D3100
Exposure - 0.002 sec (1/500)
Aperture - f/11.0
Focal Length - 55 mm
ISO Speed - 800
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actually a picture of your sister's sunglasses... but very cool nonetheless.
sunglasses, AND a nostril.

While I like the idea, the ultra-close crop, combined with the way that the "subject"--the reflection of the road--comes straight off the nose like that...well, maybe it's just me, but my eye keeps getting drawn back to that nostril and I'm not a big fan of nostril photos. :lol:
Thanks for the feedback.. it wasn't a close crop.. i was just up close to her... also i am new to using a DSLR..only had it for 2 weeks now..
Good idea. I would suggests positioning yourself more head one and slightly farther back. That way you'll get a clearer image of the reflection and be able to see all of her nose. The part that in jarring for me with the nostril is that it's cut off. Try not to cut off body parts in your framing.
I will definitely try that next time kassad... thanks a mil.

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