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Jun 9, 2007
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Ohoooo...Ahaaaaa.... Very nice

I think because of the canopy in #1, that's my favorite. I really like the low POV in #2 though.

#3 is my least favorite and I prefer the line of the tracks in #4.

Well done.
I like number one the best.

Where did you take these?
I think they all look great, nice job!
Wow, where are there still so many leaves on the trees? Or did you take these last month and only post them now?

Also I think that Photo 1 is best, though I do enjoy the POV of Photo 2 and the close-up on the fallen leaves on the sleepers.
Thanks everyone!
And, I really have no clue where all the leaves are coming from. There were a ton on the ground and a ton still left on the trees.
I took them during the weekend.
And right after that, it rained, and almost all the leaves got knocked off the trees.
outrageously beautiful

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