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Sep 13, 2006
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Wow, has been a long time since i last posted, took these last night, the colour blur around the light is due to the image resize program i used and not visable on original image, for these images i have so far not used PS in any way, i will when i get a chance reupload versions without the haze







you can see the rest of this shoot here - Spinola Bay Fireworks pictures by Kiwiluke - Photobucket 74 photos in total

it was my first real attempt at firework photography, so am fairly happy with the results

i used a canon 400d with a 70-330mm lens for half and a 18-55mm lens for the other half, shooting on full manual mode, using tripod and remote shutter cable, using bulb mode, any and all feedback criticism and comments welcome
finally got time to actually edit some of the photos i took, though have tried to keep the editing to a minimum, mainly some cropping and slight adjustments to the levels,








comments and criticism welcome
Very nice indeed!

Beautiful lack of noise in the true black night. I see on your EXIF that you used 100 ISO, which accounts for the crystal clarity, but you had some long exposures here - I'm wondering if you used any on-board long exposure noise reduction?

What I especially like is the COLOR!!! Most fireworks photos I see have washed-out color and everything is either white, red-ish or generally blown-out (sorry for the pun!). But using a smaller aperture as you did, along with your low ISO made the often elusive blues, purples and greens really show nicely. Bravo!
Thanks for the kind words , I shoot with a Canon 450d and as far as.I'm.aware it has no built in noise reduction software , I did slightly edit the shots I posted in my previous post, you.can compare to.the originals I posted first to.see the.changes made ,

And now I need some advice , I printed the 7 shots posted above out at 8 by 11 or 8 by 8 for the square ones, and now I want to frame them , but can't decide what type of frame to use or to just use plain glass with no.frame, any recommendations? Also wouldn't be useful to have sells frames where you can upload your photo and see how it looks in different frames? If anyone knows of please link it to me,

I.also apologise for all the excess full stops, the space and period keys on my touchscreen phone are very close together
there was supposed to be another fireworks show tonight, unfortunately, while letting off some petards (basically fireworks that just make loud bangs) the barge caught fire, managed to get the following shot of it, by no means a perfect shot, but i had to rush for the shot

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