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First attempted panorama


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Jan 7, 2010
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York PA
Just as the title says. This is my first try to do a panorama photo. Much harder than I thought. This is something I need to work on. Thanks for looking and if you have any tips Ill take them. This is 5 photos.
I think the stitching looks good but I'm not an expert by any means. The image is a bit dark though. Maybe this is the look you were going for.
Im guessing you didnt mean for the bottom of the river to be almost cut off on the bottom right of the photo. If this is the case, this means that you had to do some cropping, and this is what you came up with. What helps with this is if you actually go against what you think and shoot the photos portrait. It may take 10 photos instead of 4, but what you end up with is the same photo, only more of the scene from top to bottom and the same amount left to right. Also, allow your camera to meter, take those settings and throw it into M with those settings. This will make sure that the entire panorama is shot at the same exposure value. This one looks well done in that respect. Also, watch the corners of the frame more so than the middle. For example, shoot your first shot making sure you have the object in frame where you want it. Then, without moving your head from the camera, look at the bottom of the frame and see where it's cut off. For the remainder of the shots, try to make the "line" created as straight as possible with your first line. This will minimize cropping later. Ive done quite a few Pano's this way and it works well for me.

Keep going! :thumbsup:
I dont mean to hijack, but I thought Id show you some of mine:

This one youve seen:

This was for a friend, no artistic merit expected :lol:

This was something like 17 shots:

This ended up being a major fail because of the cropping:

This one was actually done in squares (top left, top center, top right, middle left, middle center, etc)

As was this one, which I never got to finish..:


EDIT: That bowing effect in my third one is what happens when you shoot a pano of something relatively close while standing still and just swiveling. I didnt know that at the time, or I wouldnt have done it that way. These are all old besides the first one.
Thanks for all that mark. Theyre some good looking shots. I didnt intend for the river to be that low in the frame. But I also didnt want to include the houses that were built there. They just couldnt leave the land alone had to build everywhere. This was more or less a test run. Id like to figure out how to do this fall comes. Looks like a good area to get some shots when the leaves change over. This is the reason I had to crop. The houses and power lines.


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