First D800 photo.. Penmaenmawr sunset North Wales


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Dec 30, 2006
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North Wales, UK
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I've just been lured away from shooting Pentax for the last 6yrs by the Nikon D800. Had my first chance to get out with the new camera last night so called at Penmaenmawr to catch the sunset. Despite a few moments with unfamiliar camera settings, having used Pentax for the last 6yrs, it was good to bag a decent shot on my first trip out with the new camera and I'll I can say is WOW, amazing amount of detail this camera can capture.. too much to get across with web images, really needs to be seen in print
On the black screen, larger I can see you've gotten some nice detail in the seawall but as seen on the smaller version and on the enlarged version, there is quite a bit of haloing along that wall. If you've saved this as a PSD or tiff file, you might want to go back a few layers where you did your sharpening layer and add a 50% brush to those edges which will eliminate the haloes to a large extent. It may take several passes.

What I like about this print the most is the degree of exposure on the water. It is timed long enough to achieve the "milky-silky" look but still reveal lots of detail in the shadow areas. I can see beneath the waves. Very well exposed!

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