First HDR attempt ever


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Dec 1, 2008
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San Francisco Bay, CA
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First HDR attempt ever. Shot at a Chevy's restaurant. Attempting to follow Trey Ratcliffe's tutorial at HDR Tutorial | High Dynamic Range Tutorial. Shot at -2, 0, +2. F11. ISO 400.


Awesome use of the HDR and congrats on the tonemapping as well. It has a very realistic look to it. The only downside I would say is that there are blown out highlights which HDR is supposed to help correct.
Great job with the HDR processing......:thumbup:
No no not the lights I was talking mostly of the door and some of the stuff on the wall from the door. This almost looks as though it was a commercial shot. Do you work there? If so consider maybe trying to block the door with something to eliminate the blown areas.
naw, i dont work there. i have a real job :p

they just had a big empty seating area and i was there with a big party for lunch, so decided to try my hand at it. they had a lot of random light coming in from windows and doors. indoor HDR's are probably best done at night, or with certain lights blocked.

see how you learn by doing??? :)

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